Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Scrotal Swelling

Auhtor: O Rashid, T Talukdar, MJK Bhuiyan, MS Hossain, SM Sarwar, MA Hossain


Background: Scrotal swelling can occur in males at any age. A wide variety of disease process of scrotum manifest with pain or swelling or both and sometimes with mass. Prompt diagnosis is required to di?erentiate surgically manageable lesions from the lesions which can be managed conservatively. Clinical examination of the testis is especially difficult due to pain, tenderness or when obscured by a large hydrocele. To evaluate scrotal swelling with high resolution Ultrasonography and Color Doppler Ultrasonography may help a lot. The main aim of our study was to determine various etiological aspects of different swellings of scrotum, along with their various modes of presentations and utility of Ultrasonography to diagnose scrotal pathology. Methods: This prospective type cross-sectional study was undertaken from January 2017 to June 2017 at the department of Radiology & Imaging, Cox's Bazar Medical College Hospital (CoxMCH). A total 71 patients presented with scrotal swelling with or without pain referred by surgeon after clinical examination were evaluated with Ultrasonography during this period. Results: Out of the total 71 patients included in this study the maximum incidence of patients were in the 15-30 years of age group. Most common presentation was painful scrotal swelling with (87.32%). Left side was more common which was seen in 56.34% cases. Most common diagnosis on the basis of Ultrasonography was Acute epididymo-orchitis(36.62%). 2.82% of patients were with neoplasm (seminoma).



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