Foreign Body Induced Bladder Stone Formation following Mistakenly Introduction of Herb Root through Urethra during Induced Abortion

Auhtor: T Talukdar, SM Sarwar, MN Islam, MJG Uddin, S Farjana


Background: Bladder Stones can be formed for many reasons; one of them is being secondary to a foreign body. Reporting and publishing issues about stones formed around different kinds of foreign bodies in the bladder are increasing. We present a case of foreign body induced bladder stone formation following introduction of herb through urethra during induced abortion. Case presentation: A 25 years old young lady was presented with mild dull aching lower abdominal pain, burning micturition, occasional haematuria with occasional low grade fever. The plain radiograph film revealed multiple radiopaque shadow within the pelvis in the region of bladder. Ultrasonography of KUB region revealed that multiple vesicle stones with focal thickness of the wall of urinary bladder. With proper counseling and consent the patient was underwent suprapubic cystolithotomy. Two stones were identified within the urinary bladder which were elongated in shape and irregular surface and one stone contains herb root. Conclusions: The instances of foreign bodies with urinary bladder stone are uncommon. A diagnosis is usually made radiologically. Iatrogenic foreign bodies were found to be the most frequent type of insertion encountered. Endoscopic retrieval is usually successful, with minimal morbidity but sometimes may need open surgery for different situation.



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